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Religion in New Zealand

The people of New Zealand are not that religious. Those of who live in New Zealand and are religious, don't think I am wrong, because taken as a whole, almost a half of the population of New Zealand in not part of any religion - about 41%.

Almost a half is Christian, exactly 47,65%, out of that number there are 12,61% members of the Catholic Church, the members of the Anglican Church take a percentage of 11,79 and there are also members of the Presbyterian, Congregational and Reformed Church , about 8,5%. The rest - 14,75% members of Catholicism in New Zealand are members of other Churches, such as the Methodist Church, Pentecostal Church, Baptist Church, Orthodox Church, Jehovah's Witnesses and others. 2.11% of all people in New Zealand are Hindus and 1,5% are Buddhists. There are also members of the Maori Christian Church in a percentage of 1,36%. Muslims are also an important part of New Zealand's population, they take a part of 1,18% in this beautiful island's population. There are also about 7.000 Jews, which is a percentage of 0.18%. Other religions such as Sikh, Theism, Zoroastrian, Jainism, Chinese Religions, Japanese Religions and others take a percentage of 0,88.

There are many churches, mosques and other religious buildings in New Zealand that have an interesting history or are special for some other reasons. One of them is the Canterbury Mosque, which is built between 1985 and 1986. Until 1999 it was the world's southern - most mosque.

Over the last 10 years the Christian Church had the biggest losses in numbers of its followers. Hinduism and Islam had the biggest gains in followers. The reason for this are new generations of people that reconsider the beliefs of their ancestors and constant minor migrations, that slowly change the religious map of New Zealand.

The Cross of Christ will never
be emptied of its power.

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