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The decline of religious affiliation in New Zealand

Why is there more than 41% people in New Zealand without religion? And the number is growing! What makes the people change their religion or leave the religious world and star being atheists and not believe in god anymore? What is it in Catholicism that makes people go from it?

There is not one right answer to these questions, but there are millions, just as much as the number of people that leave religions. That is because everyone has its own reasons for doing that change. But people also change religion. The biggest number of people who change their religion are Catholic and most of them become Muslims. Why? Well, one of the answers is that the United States in the past years talk really a lot about terrorism, especially Muslim terrorism. That makes people want to see what makes people in Islam so angry and what makes them want to kill other people. Many of them find out that Islam is a religion of peace. Just as any other. And many of them feel the urge to become Muslims.

Other reasons

Another answer to this question is that Catholicism has the biggest number of followers. And as such the biggest number of people who are not that religious and don't follow the rules, but still see themselves as a part of that religion. Some of them are even priests and some are cardinals, if you are religious you must have heard of these cases, and they do wrong things. When the Catholics see that, they start to question their beliefs and often change their religion.

The third reason is that people never get a chance to choose. Once they are born, their parents start considering them to be a part of the same religion as they are, and once the children grow up and start to question this, they become confused, because in every religion there are people who do wrong things, and then they choose to not be a part of any religion, but most still follow the right moral values.

The Cross of Christ will never
be emptied of its power.

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